Throughout the years I stood witness to everything going faster and faster, leading to regrettable effects of depersonalization in the way people record and convey their experiences. In contrast, I choose a slower, more personal method.

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Frederick Feyfer (born in Leuven, 1977) is a graphic designer and illustrator. Annually, he digitally disconnects and travels to remote places with a backpack filled with art supplies to unwind.
He forms a personal bond with each subject he sketches, starting on-site and often completing in hotel rooms or bars. His colourful exotic drawings and paintings, varying from quick sketches to day-long projects, reflect a deep connection with each scene.
He draws inspiration from local daily life and a range of cultural expressions, including architecture, billboards, signage, textiles, etc. Through his background in graphic design, he frequently integrates typography into his artwork by adding hand-lettered text and titles.
Congé Dessiné
12 landen, 150 Kanttekeningen
In his debut Congé Dessiné 20 years of travelling and drawing are bundled. It is a collection of impressions that takes you on a journey across 4 continents.
Hardcover, 168 pages, Dutch, 2019
ISBN 9789492672278
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Oogachtend Publishing

Knack Weekend 
Black 04: Travel Special
De Grote Penseeltrek: An illustrated travel reportage of Vietnam & Cambodia. 
Publication date: 23 May 2018
7 pages, Dutch

Roularta Media Group

Ink 4 
Graphic Novel Zine
An illustrated travel reportage of Central America. Co-created with Hans Bloemmen.
Publication date: July 2001
12 pages, Dutch
Oogachtend Publishing
Silo • Expo 39 • Leuven
17 Sept - 26 Sept 2021
Kigali-Kampala Express Exhibition. Originals drawings and paintings
Vaartkom 41, 3000 Leuven
Grafik Book Shop & Gallery
29 Nov - 6 Dec 2019 
Book Launch 'Congé Dessiné' & Expo original drawings.
Avenue Louis Bertrandlaan 30
1030 Brussels
Expo original drawings 2016-2018
Mechelsestraat 123
3000 Leuven
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